Eyeota is a leading global data supplier not only because we have scale - with 4 billion unique user profiles worldwide - but because we have depth. We focus on the human behind the data to empower marketers to build deeper more meaningful connections with their consumers.

We factor in the diversity in cultures and languages of our users throughout the data collection process. This means we understand your target audiences on a hyperlocal basis.

Choose from a variety of premium local audience data sourced from 30,000+ credible publisher partners worldwide across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and the Americas.

Trusted & Accredited

We are EDAA Accredited, ABC Audited, and IAB Certified for the highest quality data and security.

Premium Branded

Access premium branded audience data from some of the most trusted names in offline & online data.

If you're an Advertiser,
Eyeota offers you:

4 Billion + Unique Profiles

Our regionalized data sets of over 4 billion + unique profiles is based on real actions by real people, not guess work.


We collect data from over 30,000 reputable international and local publishers so you can scale your campaigns to reach consumers outside your network.


We build data pools based on sociodemographic information, interests, B2B, and purchase intent - but on a granular level with over 5,800 segments so you can target the exact audience you're looking for.

Branded & Offline Datasets

We partner with some of the biggest names in branded & offline data in the world to give you a more complete view of your audience that's not strictly limited to their online activities. Our branded data partners include Experian, Roy Morgan, Bombora, CACI, IPSOS, Netsprint and Semasio.

The Best Data Recommendations From Eyeota's Specialists

Visit the new Eyeota Data Desk to get the best advice on how to boost your campaigns. Access custom curated segments, get comprehensive recommendations, gain exclusive insights, on audience data trends and so much more. Get in touch now.

We cater to local markets knowing that audiences and their behaviors are local, but that these local data points feed our clients’ regional and global business strategies. As such, we ensure our system structure and algorithm terminology is consistent across the globe so that all of our customers and their potential buyers are speaking a common language.

We are integrated with the world’s leading automated marketing buying platforms.

These include DSPs (Demand Side Platforms), ad exchanges, ad networks, DMPs (Data Management Platforms), data partners and privacy partners.

You can access the Eyeota Data Marketplace through any trading desk, ad exchange or DSP. We are fully integrated with 50 of the top 50 digital ad platforms so our data is always readily available. Some of our buyers include Google DoubleClick, Turn, Xaxis, Appnexus, and TubeMogul.

Eyeota converts raw data points from your users and turns it into targetable profiles available in the Eyeota Data Marketplace

Eyeota’s demographic audience is 53% more accurate than the third party data provider average

A major global media agency recently tested various third party data providers’ demographic data using Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to measure data quality and effectiveness in campaign audience targeting. Eyeota’s demographic data was found to deliver impressions 86% on target, compared to the third party data average of 56% accuracy (the average includes Eyeota).

Download the full Case Study.

Eyeota delivers lowest CPC in three-pronged campaign strategy

A leading international department store chain launched a campaign for a new product range, tasking a top media agency with its media buy. The challenge was to inform a niche target audience of the new product range, get them to interact with the creative and visit the website. A three-pronged strategy was implemented and optimized to cost per click (CPC). Two data providers were used: Eyeota and Data Provider B. Eyeota achieved the lowest CPC compared to the other strategies (27% lower than average CPC, including Eyeota).

Download the full Case Study.